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December 2014 Archives

Journal News Responds to StolzenbergCortelli LLP Blog Post About Palisades Mall Safety

This week, this blog discussed the recent Black Friday assault that took place at the Palisades Mall.  The blog discussed how the Journal News was reporting that a group of three thugs terrorized mall patrons that night by punching and attacking several patrons, including one person who suffered a fractured arm.

Father Criminally and Civilly Liable for Allowing 15 Rear Old Daughter to Drive Family Car

According to the Journal News, a father is in deep trouble for allegedly allowing his daughter (15 years old at the time) to drive the family car.  The paper reports:

Law School Attendance Continues to Plummit

Im sure many people will love this -- the New York Times is resporting that law school enrollment is down to numbers not seen since the 1987!  That's crazy.  Of course, there are many people who love to make fun of lawyers, and the love to point out that the world would be better off without them.  But, I think in reality, lawyers are very important to the world.   For instance, in 1215, a group of barons forced King John to sign the Magna Carta.  This legal document made it clear that the law -- and not the king -- woill control the land.  Of course, these barons were in effect lawyers and made it so that democracy would lead and not some tyrant.  Thus, here, lawyers did a good job.   And, jumping ahead, more than half of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were - you guessed it -- lawyers.  In any event, less lawyers, in my opinion, is not a good thing.  There are many lawyers out there who help the disadvantaged.  There are lawyers in housing courts that work for free.  Criminal prosecuters work for little money.  There are lawyers in the legal aid.  It will be these lawyers that go missing and thus it will have a much greater impact on those in our society that need lawyers' help.  Hopefully, trends will change, and people will begin again to enter this noble -- and ancient -- profession.    

Tappan Zee Construction Accident Mystery Continues

According to the Journal News, the powers that be are still trying to figure out why the silos collapsed at the concrete barge on the hudson river for the rebuild of the Tappan Zee Bridge.  According to the article, "Concrete production at the Tappan Zee Bridge site remained suspended Wednesday as the bridge builder continues to investigate what caused a material silo to collapse and knock over two other silos on Tuesday." Does anyone find it strange that they cannot figure out why the silo collapsed.  Or, maybe the question should be: does it make anyone nervouse that they cannot figure out why the silo collapsed.  Its not like this is some space craft.  Its a large, metal tube.  Its not that complicated.  It makes one wonder whether these contractors know what they are doing.  More importantly, one wonders whether they are taking the appriorate measures to safe guard workers, and that they actually have the know how to protect the workers working on that bridge.  Indeed, it appears that the contractors are now worried that this mishap will delay construction of the bridge.  That is exactly what I was talking about yesterday. Contractors only care about getting paid and finishing on time (because finishing on time gets them bonueses and also they can start work on a new contract).  And, when finishing on time becomes an issue, short cuts are taken, and short cuts always increase the likelihood of worker accidents.  Lets hope this doesnt happen here.  We can wait a few extra months for the Great Nyack to Tarrytown Archway to be completed so that these workers make it safely home at night to be with their families.  

Violent Assaults at the Palisades Mall -- Where is the Security?

According to the Journal News, on Black Friday, a bunch of kids terrorized shoppers as they walked through the mall assualting patrons.  They literally were walking up to people and assualting them.  That is outrageous.  Maybe a fight occurs and an argument can be made that it was not foreseeable but that security was immediately on the scene to break it up before any one suffers serious injuries.  But, here, this crew of three walked through the mall just randomly beating on people.  The article reads as follows:

Despicable Conduct -- Metro North Supervisor Retaliates for Worker's Reporting of an Injury

In a truly awful story, the Journal News is reporting that a month after one federal agency criticized Metro-North for not encouraging employees to report safety issues, another federal agency has ordered the commuter railroad to pay $260,000 in damages for retaliating against a worker who reported an on-the-job injury. 

Construction Accident at the Tappan Zee Bridge

The Journal News is reporting that there was an accident at the Tappan Zee Bridge yesterday.  Apparently, a silo at the concrete factory, which is set up on a barge, collapsed.  The paper is reporting there were no injuries.  (Side note: I cant tell you how many times we read about a construction mishap in the paper where the media reports there were no injuries and then we get a call from a hospital bed where a client is telling us that he or she suffered serious injuries; it appears what constitutes a serious injury is in the eye of the beholder; unless the worker is brought via ambulance to an ER and getting immediate trauma surgery, they will say there is no serious injury; but in our experince, bone fractures, torn tendons, herniated discs and the like are all serious injuries and sometimes lead to chronic pain and suffering that will last a lifetime; surely this suffering pain for the rest of one's life is a serious injury). In any event, from my office in Nyack, and in my commutes to my White Plains office, I have a perfect vantage point in watching the construction of this beast of a bridge.  With that being said, I hope this is not a harbinger of bad things to come.  I know that the contractors are under tremendous pressure to get this bridge built in a timely manner.  But haste always works against workers' safety.  I hope that the contractors are not putting any workers at risk in the building of this bridge and we at StolzenbergCortelli LLP will keep a vigilant eye on work conditions and will do our best to ensure that this project goes forward smoothly and, more importantly, safely, even if that means, the construction schedule falls apart.  

City Wants to Settle NYPD Shooting Case of Eric Garner Early

Today, both the New York Times and the NY Daily News wrote stories about how New York City is worried about the Eric Garner case.  As previously reported, this case has gained country-wide notoriety.  Earlier this year, a New York City Police Officer attempted to subdue Mr. Garner after Mr. Garner allegedly resisted arrest.  The initial interaction between the police and Garner stemmed from Garner's apparent sale of cigerette's without proper licenses.  During the altercation, the police put Garner in a chokehold, which has been banned by NYPD regulations.  A chokehold alone is not, however, a criminal act.  The police say there was no chockehold.  More troubling, there is video that appears to show that nobody helped Garner after he lost consciousness.  Garner died on the sidewalk.  In any event, the City is very worried about this case.  The City is afraid of a lawsuit not only because it will have to pay a large settlement or judgment but also because it will allow personal injury attorneys to highlight problems with the training and methods of the New York City Police Department.  indeed, there has been a litany of cases brought against the City NYPD for bad policing.  For example, last spring, a drunk New York City Police Officer shot an unarmed men in Pelham, New York.   StolzenbergCortelli LLP represents the plaintiffs in that case.  And, just last month, a police officer mistakenly shot an innocent person in a New York City Housing Apartment Building.  It is clear that the City wants to settle these cases to get them out of the media and to protect the City against the prying eyes of attorneys who want to use the Courts to investigate the Police and expose to teh World with the probelms of the police department.       

Where Are All the Media Stories About How Defendants Stop At Nothing in Defending Legitimate Personal Injury Claims

We have all heard about the McDonald's case where the women was burned when she spilled hot coffee on herself.  So many of the media outlets have said that was a frivolous case.  And there are countless other purportedly frivolous lawsuits mentioned in the media.  But where are all the media reports that discuss where the defendants have lied, cheated and otherwise escaped their liability? Well, finally, in today's paper, there finally was an article about how the defendant ambulance driver testified that she stopped at a traffic light and then proceeded through whereupon she struck a motorcyclist and killed him.  The story then discusses how a video was actually discovered which shows the accident and it confirms that the ambulance driver did not actually stop.  The case was brought against Maimonides Medical Center by Jesus Santiago, 46, a married father of two children.   

Is It Foreseeable That A Missing Light Bulb Will Cause the NYPD To Shoot You

Last week, in the Daily News, it was reported that inadequate lighting in the staircase may have contributed to the shooting at the Pink Houses stairwell where Officer Peter Liang shot Akai Gurley.  Apparently, there were no lights that were working in the stairwell when the accident occurred.  This is a code violation.  Indeed, Administrative Code of the City of New York § 27-2039(b) and Multiple Dwelling Law § 37 requires that all lights in such buildings be in working order.  If the lights are not working, and the landlord has notice (or should have known) they were not working, liability may lie where somebody falls down the stairs.  Of course, the darkness must have played a role.  Generally, it would appear foreseeable that a fall down a flight of stairs would occur when the lights were not walking.  

  • $2.05 Million Settlement Mother of Two Struck and Killed by Motorist

    StolzenbergCortelli LLP recently resolved a heart breaking wrongful death action. The mother of two was struck and killed, while she crossed a roadway.

  • $1.1 Million Settlement StolzenbergCortelli LLP Settles Trip Over Nail Case

    Terrence and Howard settled a trip and fall case for $1,100,000. In this case, our client (a resident of Brooklyn) was a cleaning lady who was hired to clean the newsroom of the Wall Street Journal.

  • $750,000 Verdict Jane and John Doe v. Defendant Driver

    The names are redacted for privacy reasons. In this automobile accident case, the female plaintiff was injured and suffered seriously debilitating injuries.

  • $525,000 Settlement Injured When the Trailer upon which He was Standing Collapsed

    Our client was a teamster, working at a concrete plant in Westchester, when he was seriously injured. At the time, he was standing on a trailer, which is colloquially known as a "low boy", when the wooden slats upon which he was standing, collapsed.

  • $457,500 Settlement Car Accident Victim With Pre-Existing Neck Injury

    Settled a client's case for $457,500. The client suffered a significant cervical spine injury requiring a fusion surgery.He was t-boned by a car exiting Purdy's farmer and the Fish in Somers, New York.

  • $450,000 Settlement StolzenbergCortelli LLP Settles Construction Accident Case

    Howard Stolzenberg settled a case for $450,000 where a construction worker was forced to use an exterior fire escape ladder to access the top of the building all while carrying a one gallon bucket of paint. The worker fell and fractured his ankle.

  • $100,000 Settlement Teenager Hit From Behind

    We just settled a case for a young girl who was injured when she was struck from behind while waiting at a red light at an intersection near the entrance to the Saw Mill in Yonkers. She had hip and shoulder surgery.

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