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Medical Negligence Archives

Who Is Liable For Appendicitis Misdiagnosis?

Appendicitis is one of the most common causes of sudden pain in the abdomen. In the United States 250,000 cases a year are reported. The goal of a physician is to make a diagnosis as soon as possible, otherwise chances of complications with an appendectomy, removal of the appendix, increase. Along with it costs associated with being in hospitals go up as well as pain and discomfort. The worst case scenario is infection leading to shock and death. Doctors have an obligation to thoroughly examine patients to avoid misdiagnosing appendicitis or they can face medical malpractice lawsuits.

Umbilical Cord Tangling At Birth: Simple Oversight Or medical Malpractice?

When your baby is delivered, the last thing you expect is for the umbilical cord to be wrapped around his or her neck. This incident is surprisingly common and it can lead to a dangerous condition called anoxia when not treated properly. Anoxia is when a baby is deprived of oxygen at birth-without those first breaths, brain damage is a possibility.

What To Do with A Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is difficult to contend with, whether the diagnosis pertains to you or a loved one. At this point, it is important to do everything you can to battle the disease and stand up for your rights. Your chances for survival depend on a combination of an accurate diagnosis as well as the right treatment from a doctor. Understand that if you are denied these rights in any way, then you must take measures under a possible cancer medical malpractice case to protect your family.

Who Is Liable For A Heart Disease Fatality?

Heart disease includes a wide range of conditions, including coronary artery disease, infections, congenital heart disorders an arrhythmias. While the details of heart disease can differ between individuals, each type of disease has a similar outlook if left untreated: death. For this reason, doctors are supposed to be diligent about detecting potential heart problems in their patients and treating them accordingly.

NY Lawmakers Consider Doctor Dress Codes To Save On Med Mal Costs

Could what a doctor wears to work affect medical malpractice costs across New York State? Many safety advocates and medical professionals believe that it is so. Currently, the New York State Legislature is considering a bill that would examine what doctors and nurses wear while on the job and investigate whether dress codes could cut down on patient infections and medical malpractice incidents. Bill S4909, brought forth by democrat Senator Jeffrey Klein, would establish a Health Commissioner Council that would look into whether certain accessories or types of clothing could be causing infections in health care environments and establish best practices for moving forward.

A Patient Dies And then The Anguish Of Litigation

In an article in today's New York Times, Dr. Joan Savitsky writes about her personal ordeal in being named as a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit. I thought the article was excellent because it attempts to examine the emotional issues that arise out of the personal lawsuit context. Although the article mostly discusses the emotional toll the lawsuit may have on a defendant, take it from me, the same type of soul searching happens on the plaintiff's side. Dr. Savitsky briefly mentions in her article that the plaintiffs, the children of the doctor's patient who passed away from cancer, must have felt anger when their mother died. The doctor asserts that this anger may have been innapropriately directed to the doctor. Now, I am not aware of this case, so I do not know if that is true. However, I have represented clients who were injured by real, undeniable medical malpractice. In those cases, just like Dr. Savitsky felt likely she was unjustly accussed, the plaintiffs who I represented feel the same way when the doctors and insurance companies repeatedly claim that my clients were "fine", that they were lieing, malingering and just out to get money. These plaintiff's of mine felt the same way as Dr. Savitsky when they both questioned the value of our legal system. In any event, whether you are a plaintiff, wrongly injured, or a doctor wrongly accused, the truth of the matter is that neither party is ever ready to deal with the emotional rollercoasters that this lawsuits create. I am glad that Dr. Savitsky had the honesty and courage to give us a sense of what it is like.

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