Can I Keep My NYS License And Get A Driver License In Another State If I Live In NY Part Of The Year?

You must contact the Motor Vehicle Dept. in the other state in which you'll be living. If that state issues a drive license that is valid only within that state (a "one state only" driver license), you can apply for that type of driver license and keep your NYS drivers license. If the other state does NOT issue a "one state only" driver license, you must decide in which state you will have your license. You CANNOT have a driver license from more than one state unless one of the licenses is a "one state only" license.

It is important to know that NY does NOT issue a "one state only" license.

If you apply for a full driver license in the state other than NY, you will be required to surrender your NYS driver license.

Contact the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles if you still have questions.