Phone Habits Lead To Distracted Driving

On a theoretical level, most people know that using a cell phone while driving increases the chances of having an accident. In practice, though, people continue to talk on their phones while they drive. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology believe that they have found reason behind this cognitive dissonance. According to the researchers, people have become so accustomed to using their phones that they believe they can multi-task better than they actually can.

By using phones frequently while doing non-driving activities, people begin to believe that they can do anything while talking on their phones. Eventually, using the phone becomes an ingrained habit. Ask someone whether it's smart to talk and drive at the same time, and she'll say "no way." When the phone rings, though, that same person doesn't think twice about answering while behind the wheel.

Types of Distraction Affect Driving Differently

Many people also feel that talking on the phone is the same as talking to someone in person. These distractions, however, affect driving in dramatically different ways.

When talking on the phone, the driver becomes disconnected from the road and potential threats. She gets sucked into the conversation and essential goes on "autopilot" to operate the car.

The same thing can happen when conversing with a passenger. The difference is that the passenger participates in the driving experience. Two distracted people can recognize dangerous situations more readily than one distracted person. If something out of the ordinary happens, the passenger could see it and call attention before an accident happens.

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