Tips From Westchester Car Accident Attorney To Protect Teen Drivers On The Road

A report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association earlier this year showed teen driver motor vehicle accident deaths are on the rise. Most parents who hand the car keys over to a teenage son or daughter know all too well the anxiety that can accompany such an action. Fortunately, there are steps that can minimize risks to teenage drivers, by identifying the causes of those risks and doing what is necessary to manage them.

Unsafe Driving Conditions
Conditions caused by weather or reduced visibility during night driving are two unsafe situations for teen drivers. Parents might consider limiting driving hours for new teen drivers until they have logged a significant amount of driving hours and experience to handle less than optimal driving conditions.

Radios, GPS devices and phones can all be the culprit in teen driving accidents. Young drivers must understand the dangers of such distractions and avoid them when behind the wheel. Adults can be an example by keeping the cell phone off while driving and pulling over to the side of the road when a call must be made.

Beyond exceeding the speed limit, teen drivers can also get into trouble by racing other drivers or driving too fast for hazardous road conditions. Demonstrate safe driving by adhering to traffic signs and dole out significant consequences when a teen does not abide by speed limits.

Although teens are too young to consume alcohol, many accidents involving this age group also involve alcohol. Counsel teenagers about the dangers of driving after drinking or getting into a car with someone who has been drinking. Encourage them to call for a ride in these situations.

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