Common Causes Of Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools become a popular gathering place during the summer months, but those meeting places can take a tragic turn when an accident occurs. Sadly, young children are often the victims of swimming pool accidents. Some of the most common causes of swimming pool accidents include:


Use of electrical products, such as stereos or boom boxes, near wet pool areas can quickly create a danger for those in the area. When electricity and water collide, the risk of electrocution increases. Keep electrical items away from the interior pool area to prevent a hazardous situation.

Damaged Property

When pools or the areas surrounding the pool become damaged, an accident is more likely to occur. Loose tiles can create a tripping hazard, resulting in slip and fall accidents, while unmarked depth changes can result in young swimmers unknowingly getting into deep water.

Defective Equipment

By the same token, missing or defective equipment can also be a factor in swimming pool accidents. Pool ladders should be well maintained, allowing swimmers to get into and out of the water safely. Safety equipment should be present and well maintained, in case a problem occurs.

Lack of Supervision

Probably the most common cause of pool accidents is lack of proper supervision, particularly when children are in or around the pool. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate it only takes unsupervised children five minutes to get into a private pool area and drown. Pools should have proper barriers, and children should never go into a pool for any reason, unless an adult is present.

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