Medical Malpractice: Appendicitis

Severe abdominal pain accompanied with nausea and swelling is reason to go to the emergency room. This is particularly the case if you experience persistent tenderness in your abdomen for several hours. These are classic symptoms of a serious medical condition called appendicitis. When left untreated, the condition can be deadly. If you have a loved one who wasn't properly diagnosed with appendicitis, you may have the right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Appendicitis Diagnosis

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. The organ becomes inflamed and may even fill with pus. It causes extremely uncomfortable symptoms, which usually turns patients to the emergency room. This condition is properly diagnosed through a variety of tests:

  • Urine test
  • White blood cell count
  • X-rays
  • Physical exam

Medical Negligence and Appendicitis

The role of a medical doctor is to diagnose health problems and provide a treatment plan to preserve patient life. In most cases of appendicitis, the appendix is removed through surgery. If you have an abscess around the appendix, it may need to be drained of fluids before surgery. This process helps to reduce the onset of infection and other deadly complications.

Unfortunately, some doctors don't do their jobs properly and they miss the key signs of appendicitis in patients. This can result in shock and even death. If you or a loved one were turned away from a doctor without being properly diagnosed with appendicitis, then you may have a lawsuit on your hands. Contact reputable medical malpractice attorneys today to see how legal action can help.