Flammable Garment Injuries And Deaths

Clothing protects us from the cold, the wind, and other elements - but it is possible that our clothing could be dangerous and potentially deadly? Although the Flammable Fabrics Act puts forth that all clothing sold in the United States to consumers must meet safety standards, each year hundreds of people suffer from serious burn injuries and even death because of flammable garments.

Most recently, a highly flammable robe sold by Blair LLC has been linked to nine burn deaths in the past year. Over 300,000 of the full-length chenille robes have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) after reports of deaths and serious second-degree burns surfaced. Many of the victims were elderly women who were cooking near an open flame. A number of chenille products also sold in Blair catalogs and stores were also found to be dangerous and failed the federal fabric safety standards. Other recent burn injury recalls have included children's clothing and children's pajamas, fleece garments, jackets, and blankets, blankets, throws, and quilts, and Halloween costumes.

Burn injuries can be extremely painful and extremely costly. They can cause permanent scarring, prolonged suffering, and even affect dexterity and mobility. Serious burn victims often require multiple surgeries, ongoing medical treatment, and even physical therapy. Many burn victims require months of rehabilitation and skin grafts. If you or a loved one have been seriously burned while wearing flammable clothing, the clothing manufacturer or the clothing store may be responsible for damages.