Safety Tips For Truck Drivers

Safe truck driving requires that the drivers are consciously driving their vehicles. As soon as you become too comfortable behind the wheel, your risks for accident increases. Make an effort to drive safely, by following posted speed limits, not driving distracted or under the influence, and putting enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Not only can the following truck driver safety tips make your own drive safer - but it could prevent truck accidents and injuries to others, too.

Truck Driver's Personal Needs

Before you get behind the wheel, make sure you have enough rest, exercise and are eating properly. These personal needs all affect your physical and mental capacity and play an important role in your ability to drive your truck safely.

Make Sure Truck is Maintained

Many truck drivers do not own their trucks, but they still must ensure their truck is properly maintained and safe to drive. Your engine fluids should be checked, hoses, brakes, oil and tires must be inspected regularly to ensure the truck is safe for the road. Give any trailers you pick up to deliver an inspection, as well, to ensure it is safe and properly connected.

Watch Out for Other Drivers

Safely maneuvering large trucks also requires that you're constantly aware of the other drivers on the road. Your truck will never stop as fast as the other vehicles, so keep an eye on crowded roads and reduce your speed whenever there is a possibility you will have to stop. Remember your blind spots when changing lanes or turning.

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