I am so thankful that I had StolzenbergCortelli LLP as my lawyers. I was hurt at a construction site when a ceiling came down on me and I badly injured my knee. I had several surgeries. The defendants were fighting the case saying I was at fault but Howard and Terry fought harder; argued that I was not provided with the proper tools and equipment and they were able to get me a large enough settlement where my family and I did not have to worry about the future. They saved my life. Every time I called their office, I always got Howard or Terry on the phone. Howard was there for me every step of the way and at my deposition he made me feel relaxed because I was so nervous. Everyone at StozenbergCortelli LLP listened to me and helped me through this difficult part of my life. They were there when I needed them. They are like family to me. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family whole heartedly. They were amazing.

- Miguel Jaquez

I was very seriously injured when I feel from a truck. I hurt my back and I can no longer work. It was a very difficult process dealing with the insurance companies and the lawyers for the defendants while the lawsuit was pending. It was stressful for me and my family. During this whole time, Howard and the rest of the office was there for me. They always took my phone calls and always answered my questions. They basically were like my family for the entire time. They believed in my case when must other people did not. I appreciated how they were always prepared, confident, and effective in the Court proceedings. They were knowledgeable about the case and that gave me hope that my case would turn out well in the end. And, it did.

They treated me life family and I will never forget them and everything they did for me. If you have a case, if you were hurt, and you are worried that the injuries will affect your ability to take care of yourself and your family, call StolzenbergCortelli LLP and talk to them about your case. I promise they will not let you down. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and family. I recommend them to you. They were great, I can not thank them enough. I endorse Howard Stolzenberg, Terrence Cortelli, & the entire staff at StolzenbergCortelli LLP fully and completely.

- Edward Mendez

I highly recommend Howie and Terry. I had an accident while working at Bloomingdale's. I fell from a rickety wooden ladder. I knew it was dangerous and did not want to use it, I wanted to use a scaffold, but my foreman said he would fire me if I didn't use it. I had no choice. I climbed the ladder and of course I fell and broke my wrist and also broke several bones in my face. It was terrible. I underwent several surgeries and was out of work for quite a while. I had no idea what my future was going to be like or if I could even support my family.

StolzenbergCortelli LLP helped me - from the moment I first called them until the case settled. They always returned by phone calls and told me exactly what was happening on the case. And their staff was equally helpful. It was a long process but StolzenbergCortelli LLP made me feel comfortable that it would work out in my favor in the end, and it sure did. There guys are GREAT!

- Jordan DeRose

I would like to express my gratitude to the Law Office of StolzenbergCortelli, LLP. Howard worked extremely hard on my case and made himself available to me anytime I needed. He explained the process of the case at periodic stages and kept me optimistic the entire time. Howard did a great job in settling my case in a reasonable amount of time for a fantastic result! I would highly recommend Howard and the entire staff at StolzenbergCortelli to anyone seeking reputable, hardworking attorney's. Thank you!

- David R.

Professionalism - Expertise - Honesty - Integrity - Respect - Humanity - Results. These are just some of the words that come to mind when I think about Howard and Terrence. They understand that each and every one of their clients or prospective clients come to them because of unspeakable and painful physical and mental injuries. They know how fragile their clients' lives have become and never forget the human element which is critical in their support of their clients though the entire legal process. They are dedicated to seeking justice, obtaining results, and providing honest evaluations throughout the entire process. Howard and Terrence have been there for myself and my family on more than one occasion, each time treating my entire family with the utmost decency and respect. They have been instrumental in not only bringing results, but in treating us humanly every step of the way. I cannot express how important all of it has been to our physical and mental recovery.

- R.B

I had first been put into contact with StolzenbergCortelli, LLP after suffering a rather debilitating injury at my then workplace. After being left physically unable to continue in my previous line of work and having no previous experience with litigation, I was uncertain as to what my consequent course of action would be: How do I file a lawsuit? How do I organize the details of my case that allow me to represent and protect not only myself but also my family, who had also been impacted by my accident? Fortunately, Howard and Terry were able to provide me with the necessary guidance and support.

My case has been a lengthy process; however, throughout its entirety, Howard/Terry never ceased to make themselves available to me to answer my questions and clarify any burdening concerns. They ensured I always was in the know and created a sense of transparency that allowed me to make informed decisions and have more agency in dealing with my own case. This excellent service was not unique to Howard and Terry; the entire staff at the office was warm and welcoming with each call and visit I made. I recall countless instances of confusion and stress over reviewing documents and details of my case being resolved in my helpful conversations with my paralegal Isabel. As was demonstrated by Isabel, Howard, Terry and the remainder of the StolzenbergCortelli office alike, over time I developed not only a trusting relationship with them but a friendship as well. I give my thanks and gratitude to Howard, Terry and the rest of the office and recommend them to anyone who wants a trustworthy and supportive team behind them.

- Jorge C.

We cannot find the right words because no words would do justice to explain what Mr.Stolzenberg and his staff has done for our family. Through out the years Mr.Stolzenberg became part of our family where even our kids would talk about him and how he has helped my mother and father get through difficult times. Throughout the process there was a lot of information and documents we didn't not understand the purpose of, Mr.Stolzenberg and his staff was always there to explain and guide us through. Their responses were always timely and thorough. Despite the suffering and the physical pain, Mr.Stolzenberg and his staff made the entire experience a memorable one. The staff would keep us informed about everything and Mr.Stolzenberg would share his legal expertise to ensure we understood it. Most importantly he always made sure we understood that we were empowered to make decisions. Every time there was a deposition or meeting Mr.Stolzenberg would always meet with us to discuss the reason for the meeting Mr.Stolzenberg was always honest with his responses and what the outcome of the case could be. We felt we could reach Mr.Stolzenberg at any time if we had a question or wanted and update. At times we would not speak for a week or two and Mr.Stolzenberg would still send us emails letting us know what was happening and what he was working on at that time. We also felt this was team work between Mr.Stolzenberg, his staff and us. If we ever needed clarification on a document or update I would call the office and even if Mr.Stolzenberg was not available, the staff would be able to assist us.

Mr. Stolzenberg was not just an attorney for us, he was someone who cared and would make sure we were okay, happy and would give us courage to move forward. Even his staff would ask how we were doing and how the kids were every time we called in. Even though its been a while since our case closed, Mr.Stolzenberg still continues to stay in touch and calls to see how we are doing. For years to come our family will forever be grateful and thankful for Mr.Stolzenberg and his staff for getting us through such a difficult time in our lives.

- P.P & O.P

Terrence handled my case fantastically, he held my hand and listened to me and my frustrations during this period. Terry was great! He recovered a million dollars for me which made me ecstatic and was much more then I ever expected it to be. I will never stop referring possible cases to Terrence Cortelli.

Thank you again Terry - you're the best and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met you and have you as my attorney.

- J.S

I can't express the gratitude I have for Terrence Cortelli. The outcome of my case was more than anyone can hope for. Terrence was extremely attentive and very aggressive with the defendants. He didn't quit until he made sure I was well compensated for my injuries. Thanks Terry and the StolzenbergCortelli staff.

- Anonymous

I Highly recommend StozlenbergCortelli's office! You are in good hands from the very beginning until the very end. I would not think twice about ever having them on my side again.

- Mayra Z.

• January 11, 2018
I love this law firm , they care about you as a human you're not just another case. They will fight for what is right and fair for you. It was a pleasure to have them on my side - from the Attorneys to every single paralegal on staff. They even have people to translate in Spanish if needed. I couldn't ask for a better law firm then this.

- Katia Ramos

• January 11, 2018
Stolzenberg Cortelli is highly recommended if you want precise care of your Case. From the very beginning my family and I felt extremely comfortable that they knew exactly what they were doing. I am completely grateful for their prompt responses and full explanations of any and all questions I have.

- Erny Alvarez