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Devastating Limo Crash Kills 20 in Upstate New York

36915930_S_car_wreckage_crash_black_.jpgIt was supposed to be a birthday celebration at an upstate New York brewery when 17 young friends hired a bus for a trip to a brewery. At the last minute, a 2001 Ford Excursion stretch limousine was substituted when the bus was not available.

When the limousine barreled through a stop sign in Schoharie, hit a parked car at 60 miles per hour and slammed into a ravine, all 17 passengers and the 53-year old driver were killed as well as two pedestrians.

Tragically, the victims included four sisters and two brothers. There were two newlywed couples and parents of young children among the fatalities.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board confirmed that this was the deadliest U.S. accident in 9 years.

Drunk Driver Mows Down Boy Scouts, Killing One

1866883_1920_L_adult_drinking_alcohol_Beer_driving_drinking and Driving_Man.jpgThe Boy Scouts ages 12-16 were walking on the shoulder of David Terry Road in Manorville, facing oncoming traffic along with their adult chaperones. Suddenly, an allegedly drunk driver barreled into 5 of the Scouts, head-on, injuring all of them including two seriously. One 12-year old boy later died of his injuries.

Although drunk driving fatalities in the U.S. have decreased by 51% since 1982, they still occur far too frequently. Car accidents caused by alcohol-impaired drivers account for 28% of total vehicle fatalities and are entirely preventable. In 2016, 283 people lost their lives in New York drunk driving accidents.

The 59-year old SUV driver involved in the Manorville accident has so far been charged with driving while intoxicated and has had his driver's license suspended.

How Truck Accidents Are Different from Car Accidents

41978188_S_Traffic_Cars_Highway_Truck_Lights_Road_Grass_.jpgIf you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, you know that they are far different than a car crash.

First of all, consider the huge differences between the two vehicles in size and weight. A tractor-trailer can be up to 53 feet long - 3 times the length of the largest SUV - and weigh up to 80,000 pounds.

A typical truck accident will cause substantial damage to the smaller vehicle. But there are other differences between these two types of accidents than just size.

Successful Citi Bike Experiences Its First Bicyclist Traffic Fatality

52465714_S_citibike_bike_city_blue_road.jpgYou see them everywhere in New York City. Those ubiquitous blue Citi Bikes are a huge hit. Bikers have enjoyed 65 million rides since 2013. However, bicycling on crowded city streets is not without risk and Citi Bike experienced its first rider fatality last summer.

A 36-year old investment banker lost his life last year while riding a Citi Bike on a Chelsea, Manhattan street. According to surveillance cameras, the rider, who was not wearing a helmet but did have headphones on, was traveling in a straight line when a coach bus traveling in the same direction struck and killed him.

The bus driver has pleaded not guilty to charges of failing to yield to a bicycle - a misdemeanor crime under New York's right of way law - as well as failing to exercise due care and causing serious physical injury. If convicted, he faces 30 days in jail.

Experienced Forklift Driver Killed in Bizarre NYC Warehouse Accident

20149565_S_trauma_brain_head_doctor_skull_xray_injury_man.jpgA normal workday turned tragic for a New York City gourmet foods warehouse worker. The experienced forklift driver was working alone during a meal break when he leaned out of the machine, perhaps to get a better line of sight around his load. In doing so, his head got caught between metal shelving and the forklift. The 43-year old worker suffered severe head trauma as a result of the forklift accident and died at a nearby hospital.

Forklift Injuries Are a Common Workplace Accident

There are far too many forklift accidents - most of which are preventable - at work locations. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), each year there is an average of 85 forklift fatalities and almost 35,000 serious injuries in the U.S.

NYC Public Housing Count of Positive Lead Test Continues To Grow

16499065_S_Lead_Poisoning.jpgNYC Public Housing Count of Positive Lead Test Continues To Grow

Lead poisoning can have very serious health implications and can even lead to death. Even small amounts can cause health problems. Children under age 6 are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning.

Because lead poisoning is so dangerous, it is problematic that the New York City Health Department failed to test the children living in public housing for 5 consecutive years and then downplayed the number who did test positive.

More Than 1,100 Children Tested Positive for Lead Poisoning in New York City Public Housing

The New York City Housing Authority recently admitted that 1,160 children living in public housing have tested positive for lead poisoning since 2012.

Motorcyclist Killed in Orange County Head-On Crash

57633286_S_motorcycle_accident_injury_car_road.jpgAn evening motorcycle ride turned deadly recently when a motorcyclist crashed head-on into another vehicle. The driver apparently failed to negotiate a curve in the Wallkill roadway, veered into oncoming traffic and was struck by a motor vehicle. The biker suffered severe head trauma in the motorcycle accident and died at the scene. Although the accident investigation is ongoing, authorities believe that speed may have been a factor.

An average of 141 motorcyclists is killed each year in New York in fatal crashes (NYS Department of Health). Motorcycles are less visible than other vehicles and have high-performance capabilities. Bikes are less stable as well and, because there is no protection for the rider, motorcyclists are more likely to be injured or killed in an accident.

Severe Injuries Often Occur in Motorcycle Accidents

Because of the relatively small size of motorcycles compared to other cars and trucks, and also because of the unprotected status of the riders, motorcycle accidents tend to produce serious injuries that can lead to disability and death.

Nursing Home Abuse: Mistreatment of a Vulnerable Population

Nursing_home_Abuse.jpgIf you have moved a loved one into a nursing home or other elder care facility, you know that it is not an easy decision. You expect that your family member will be safe and well cared for, and the last thing that you would think of is that they may be exposed to nursing home abuse or neglect.

However, the fact is that one-third of U.S. nursing homes have received citations for violating federal standards ( These violations include neglect and abuse that could potentially harm the elderly or that had actually injured the residents via illness, accidents and even death.

Australian Bicyclist Killed by Garbage Truck in Central Park

10498518_S_Bicyle_lane_road (002).jpgThe "trip of a lifetime" turned tragic for a 23-year old Australian woman. The recent college graduate was struck and killed in a truck accident while bicycling near Central Park.

The complicated accident is still under investigation, but preliminary results show that:

· The victim was cycling in the Central Park West bike lane and was not wearing a helmet.

· An Uber driver abruptly pulled out in front of her. The stationary taxi appeared to have been in the bicycle lane to pick up or drop off passengers.

· To avoid hitting the car, the bicyclist swerved into the car lane where she was hit and run over by the garbage truck.

The garbage truck driver has been charged with driving while impaired by alcohol and operating a commercial vehicle while intoxicated. As of now, there are no charges against the car driver.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall in a Retail Establishment

94451646_S_fall_injury_wet_floor_grocery_store_caution_sign (002).jpgIt doesn't take much to create a hazardous situation in a retail store. Just a small spill, frayed carpeting, a loose handrail, an icy patch on a sidewalk or even just a hose left in an inconvenient spot can create a dangerous slipping or tripping hazard.

Slip and fall accidents are embarrassing but can also cause serious injuries. In fact, these types of accidents cause one million emergency room visits each year! It's extremely important to take action right away.

  • $2.05 Million Settlement Mother of Two Struck and Killed by Motorist

    StolzenbergCortelli LLP recently resolved a heart breaking wrongful death action. The mother of two was struck and killed, while she crossed a roadway.

  • $1.1 Million Settlement StolzenbergCortelli LLP Settles Trip Over Nail Case

    Terrence and Howard settled a trip and fall case for $1,100,000. In this case, our client (a resident of Brooklyn) was a cleaning lady who was hired to clean the newsroom of the Wall Street Journal.

  • $750,000 Verdict Jane and John Doe v. Defendant Driver

    The names are redacted for privacy reasons. In this automobile accident case, the female plaintiff was injured and suffered seriously debilitating injuries.

  • $525,000 Settlement Injured When the Trailer upon which He was Standing Collapsed

    Our client was a teamster, working at a concrete plant in Westchester, when he was seriously injured. At the time, he was standing on a trailer, which is colloquially known as a "low boy", when the wooden slats upon which he was standing, collapsed.

  • $457,500 Settlement Car Accident Victim With Pre-Existing Neck Injury

    Settled a client's case for $457,500. The client suffered a significant cervical spine injury requiring a fusion surgery.He was t-boned by a car exiting Purdy's farmer and the Fish in Somers, New York.

  • $450,000 Settlement StolzenbergCortelli LLP Settles Construction Accident Case

    Howard Stolzenberg settled a case for $450,000 where a construction worker was forced to use an exterior fire escape ladder to access the top of the building all while carrying a one gallon bucket of paint. The worker fell and fractured his ankle.

  • $100,000 Settlement Teenager Hit From Behind

    We just settled a case for a young girl who was injured when she was struck from behind while waiting at a red light at an intersection near the entrance to the Saw Mill in Yonkers. She had hip and shoulder surgery.

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