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The local media has been reporting that Linda Cohen a news anchor from ESPN has started a personal injury lawsuit against a local ice rink.  The rink is the Ice House in Brewster, New York.  Apparently, she was injured when a vending machine fell and landed on her arm.  The reports says she sufefred a pretty severe laceration on her arm reuiring many stitches.  According to her attorney, she has serious and permanent injuries.  Although I did not see anyything to support this, I am assuming she suffered some nerve injuries, which cause weakness and numbness down her hand and that tha's the real issue here. Interestingly, many of the news reports were quick to point out that some kids were responsible for knocking over the vending machine, as if that terminates any liability the owner of the rink might have.  But, the way I see it, its the fact that kids were able to knock over the machine which creates the liability on the part of the owner.  After all, its an ice rink and thus the owner must know that kids will be present and further he must know that kids run around and knock things over.  Thus, as the theory goes, the owner should have taken more and more effective steps to ensure that such machines do not flip over.  All in all, I think it is an actionable case and I would like to see how it resolves.  I note that such cases are often called premises liability cases.  

If you think you have a premises liability case, where you were hurt at an ice rink or even at a store or restaraunt, call my office and we can help with any questions you may have.   

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