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Construction Accident at the Tappan Zee Bridge

The Journal News is reporting that there was an accident at the Tappan Zee Bridge yesterday.  Apparently, a silo at the concrete factory, which is set up on a barge, collapsed.  The paper is reporting there were no injuries.  (Side note: I cant tell you how many times we read about a construction mishap in the paper where the media reports there were no injuries and then we get a call from a hospital bed where a client is telling us that he or she suffered serious injuries; it appears what constitutes a serious injury is in the eye of the beholder; unless the worker is brought via ambulance to an ER and getting immediate trauma surgery, they will say there is no serious injury; but in our experince, bone fractures, torn tendons, herniated discs and the like are all serious injuries and sometimes lead to chronic pain and suffering that will last a lifetime; surely this suffering pain for the rest of one's life is a serious injury). In any event, from my office in Nyack, and in my commutes to my White Plains office, I have a perfect vantage point in watching the construction of this beast of a bridge.  With that being said, I hope this is not a harbinger of bad things to come.  I know that the contractors are under tremendous pressure to get this bridge built in a timely manner.  But haste always works against workers' safety.  I hope that the contractors are not putting any workers at risk in the building of this bridge and we at StolzenbergCortelli LLP will keep a vigilant eye on work conditions and will do our best to ensure that this project goes forward smoothly and, more importantly, safely, even if that means, the construction schedule falls apart.  

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