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Father Criminally and Civilly Liable for Allowing 15 Rear Old Daughter to Drive Family Car

According to the Journal News, a father is in deep trouble for allegedly allowing his daughter (15 years old at the time) to drive the family car.  The paper reports:

As Michael Ware's 15-year-old daughter sped through the local roads of his Poconos vacation spot with a breakfast sandwich he is alleged to have asked her to bring him, her passengers yelled for her to slow down.

But in what is a parent's worst nightmare, the Pleasantville teen lost control as she rounded a curve on Goosepond Road in Paupack Township, Pa., on Aug. 30 and flipped the massive Chevrolet Suburban several times, killing three 15-year-old boys inside, police said.

" 'I was driving too fast, arrest me,' " police said the unlicensed teen driver told them. "She then put her hands out in front of her as if waiting to be handcuffed."

On Wednesday, four months after the tragic crash, Ware, 53, of Eastchester was arraigned at Wayne County Court House, charged with involuntary manslaughter, endangering the welfare of children and other crimes.

"This was a horrific tragedy and, unfortunately, one that could have so easily been prevented," Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards said. "The law must be followed in order to prevent such a tragedy in the future."

Ware's daughter, who faces her own charges in juvenile court, recently told police her father let her drive the vehicle even though she was unlicensed, and had given her similar permission for an earlier solo trip she took with her friend that morning to Dunkin' Donuts, officials said.

The daughter's 15-year-old friend, who also lives in Westchester and came on the family roadtrip to Pennsylvania, confirmed Ware walked the pair to the SUV, police said. Ware even put in his sandwich order - a bacon, egg and cheese - and waved goodbye before the teens drove off, his daughter told police.

From the Wares' summer home in Wallenpaupack Lake Estates development, the daughter and her friend went to pick up four other teens before driving to Ledgedale BBQ Pit, where surveillance cameras show the group climb into the SUV moments before the fateful drive home.

Killed in the crash were Cullen Keffer, a fun-loving varsity lacrosse player who also did well in school; Shamus Digney, a basketball and football player who was an altar server; and Ryan Lesher, an accomplished athlete who volunteered with Special Olympics. Keffer and Digney were thrown from the vehicle while Lesher was pinned beneath.

Ware, who was released on $100,000 bond, is due in court Dec. 30.

This story is just heartbreaking.  The poor girl who was driving too fast.  Clearly, she was inexperienced and never meant to harm somebody.  The poor children -- so young -- killed because of her.  And their families.  So tragic.  All because the father let his daughter drive the family car.  So senseless.  Clearly, the father will be held liable under a negligenet entrustment civil action.  And, really, it appears he will be spending time in jail.  How can he allow his daughtr to drive like that?  Terribe.  

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