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Journal News Responds to StolzenbergCortelli LLP Blog Post About Palisades Mall Safety

This week, this blog discussed the recent Black Friday assault that took place at the Palisades Mall.  The blog discussed how the Journal News was reporting that a group of three thugs terrorized mall patrons that night by punching and attacking several patrons, including one person who suffered a fractured arm.

This blog then questioned whether mall security was reasonable in light of these attacks.  This blog said no.  The Journal News says yes, noting that there only have been a few robberies and rapes and sexual assualts and that overall the place is pretty safe.  

For instance, in trying to show the Palisades Mall is safe, the article notes that:

The Palisades Center saw 125 arrests for possession of stolen property, 268 reported incidents of shoplifting, four robberies, 178 larcenies, including 11 from cars, 11 cases of forgery and 30 cases of fraud. There also were several reported sexual abuse cases. 

To me, that seems like a lot.  But, according to the Journal news, its not.  

Of course, the Journal News mentions, as it must, this incident:

"The most notorious crime at the Palisades Center came in February 2004 when Jeffrey Berkley held a then-69-year-old New Jersey woman hostage inside her car and sexually abused her for hours. Berkley, then 30, is serving a 30-year prison sentence." 

Although the Journal News tries to assert that that incident was an anonomly, a closer look at those facts highlights the problems with security at the mall.  Indeed, in that incident, this was noted to have happened:

"For the next three hours that night, Berkley sexually abused and beat the then-69-year-old New Jersey grandmother inside the car, parked under surveillance cameras and about eight to 10 parking spots from the store's front door."

I mean really, this place is safe?

Let's just put it this way -- I wont let my kids go there alone.   

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