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Tappan Zee Construction Accident Mystery Continues

According to the Journal News, the powers that be are still trying to figure out why the silos collapsed at the concrete barge on the hudson river for the rebuild of the Tappan Zee Bridge.  According to the article, "Concrete production at the Tappan Zee Bridge site remained suspended Wednesday as the bridge builder continues to investigate what caused a material silo to collapse and knock over two other silos on Tuesday." Does anyone find it strange that they cannot figure out why the silo collapsed.  Or, maybe the question should be: does it make anyone nervouse that they cannot figure out why the silo collapsed.  Its not like this is some space craft.  Its a large, metal tube.  Its not that complicated.  It makes one wonder whether these contractors know what they are doing.  More importantly, one wonders whether they are taking the appriorate measures to safe guard workers, and that they actually have the know how to protect the workers working on that bridge.  Indeed, it appears that the contractors are now worried that this mishap will delay construction of the bridge.  That is exactly what I was talking about yesterday. Contractors only care about getting paid and finishing on time (because finishing on time gets them bonueses and also they can start work on a new contract).  And, when finishing on time becomes an issue, short cuts are taken, and short cuts always increase the likelihood of worker accidents.  Lets hope this doesnt happen here.  We can wait a few extra months for the Great Nyack to Tarrytown Archway to be completed so that these workers make it safely home at night to be with their families.  

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