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Another Night -- Another Police Officer Allegedly In Trouble

The Daily News is reporting that there has been yet another late night incident involving a New York City Police Officer.  According to reports:

"Police Officer Mirjan Lolja, 37 was suspended after he allegedly attacked the 28-year-old transit employee on a Bronx subway platform by putting her in a bear hug, throwing her to the ground and choking her. The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau is now investigating the incident."

Police Officer Lolja apparently has alleged that the Transit Authority worker is to blame.  

And this claim comes on the heels of other media reports that the Police Department is getting sued for negligently causing severe injuries to a young women arising out of a car accident.  According to that lawsuit, Natalie Ferber is still in a coma from the November crash, which happened when a van that was being chased by cops smashed into a car driven by Ferber's mom, Nancy Lawrence. In fact, Ferber's parents are New York City Police Officers.  

According to the lawsuit, the NYPD forbids officers from making high speed chases through city streets, and police sources said they're investigating whether one of the cars that was chasing Randy Edwards on Nov. 18 had been ordered to stop by a supervisor. 

Of course, these incidents come in the wake of other glaring incidents involving the NYPD over the last few months.  

For example, my firm is handling a lawsuit against the NYPD where a police officer got drunk and unloaded his handgun into the vehicle of two gentlemen on their way home from a late night amatuer hockey game. There, Chris Cronin shot at and struck Joe Felice six times at point blank range.  Miraculously, Joe survived.  Cronin somehow missed Rob Borelli who was driving the car.

There was the cop that accidently shot the innocent gentleman in the dark stairwell.  Officer Peter Liang shot unarmed Akai Gurley dead in the Pink housing projects.  

There was Eric Garner and the alleged chokehold.

Then there was the case where the NYPD detective got drunk and shot his partner in the hand. Detective Jay Poggi, a 31-year veteran, was charged with DWI after the shooting; he drove his wounded partner, who was hit in the wrist, to Jamaica Hospital in Queens. The partner, Matthew Sullivan, survived.

And of course the NYPD officer that got drunk and headed the wrong way on the thruway.  Toxicology results show that Officer Richard E. Christopher, 32, had a blood-alcohol content of 0.21 percent when he drove his 2002 Dodge Dakota south on the northbound Thruway near Suffern, slamming head-on into a Honda CRV driven by James DeVito of Airmont. A BAC above 0.08 is a misdemeanor. 

Hopefully, 2015 wont be so bad for the NYPD.  

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