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Judge Rules NYC Woman can Serve Husband With Divorce Papers VIA Divorce

In a very interesting case, a Manhatten Supreme Court judge has ruled that a woman seeking a divorce can serve her husband by way of his Facebook account. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper said that a nurse named Ellanora Baidoo can serve her husband with divorce papers through a Facebook message, according to the initial report by the New York Daily News.  

This is truly amazianing but can only be appreciated by knwing the background.  

In the old days, people did not always have the right to know that there were legal proceedings against them. In some cases, they would only find out when magistrates showed up with the sheriff and seized their property, sometimes throwing them into debtor's prison until their debts were paid. The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution prohibit the federal and state governments from depriving any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law. Therefore the process server is "serving" the recipient with notice of their constitutional right to due process of the law.
That's why it is so amazing that the judge allowed service of process by Facebook. The US Constitution addresses service of process and if you are not properly informed about a pending lawsuit, the lawsuit will not be binding on you. The Constitution as interpreted by the US Supreme Court warned that service of process rules must be very clearly defined and that failure to follow them means the lawsuit must be dismissed In that regard, the Courts have long held that the best way to give such "notice" is by personally handing the papers to the person to be served. This is what happens in the movies. It's where a private eye hands over a piece of paper and says "you've been served". Some cases say that the paper being served must make physical contact with the person. And there are rules like you cannot serve someone if doing so would end up in a trespassing violation. And some of the older cases (since overturned) said that service had to be made within the jurisdiction which is the subject of the dispute. There were some cases that dealt with those situations where the persons were tricked into returning to the forum where the disputed generated.
Anyway, the point was always that the person to be served had to have notice and that the best way to do it was by in person service. Over time, this changed. First, Courts allowed friends and family and lawyers to accept service on a person's behalf. And then mailing became ok. And, putting a notice in the paper was deemed ok. Now, it looks like we have really reached a point of no return. Now we can make service through our Facebook account.
What's next? Twitter?

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