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One of the Best Ways to WRECK Your Accident Case

At some point in your life you've almost certainly heard the term, "honesty is the best policy." Well, truer words have never been spoken than when it comes to auto accident cases.

Fact is, if you lie or are deceptive to your attorney or to the insurance company about prior injuries, the extent of your current injuries, your medical history, your criminal record, or any other number of issues, at the very least you are going to significantly hurt your accident case...or you may completely ruin any chance you had of collecting damages for your injuries.

Here's the deal: insurance companies have access to tons of information about you - what injuries you've had in the past, any lawsuits you've filed, accidents, etc., and they are good at finding details that bolster their case and hurt yours. Plus, between the Internet and social media, insurance companies now have even more info at their disposal (yes, they can and do check sites like Facebook to see what you are up to!).

So, be up front with your attorney. Tell him or her about your past - warts and all - so that there can be a plan in place right from the start to deal with any problematic information that might exist about you. The last thing your attorney wants is a surprise.

Also, make sure that you are as accurate and truthful as possible when filling out any medical forms (like the ones you would fill out at your doctor's office). We've seen cases ruined because an accident victim forgot to disclose a prior injury or exaggerated their current plight. 

For more information about car accident lawsuits, check out this article or call us for a free copy of our book entitled, "Car Accident Victims: What to Expect Next" 

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