The construction industry is no stranger to accidents. In fact, non-fatal injuries in construction cost companies millions of dollars every year. In some cases, weather hazards are to blame.

Fall weather is starting to affect outdoor work areas, so if you work in construction, now is a good time to talk about safety. Cooler temperatures, wind and other conditions that arise in the fall can make it more dangerous for you to work outside. In fact, something as simple as morning dew on fallen leaves can create a slip-and-fall hazard that could seriously disable someone. Similarly, that same dew and condensation on scaffolding or machinery could lead to slick surfaces that create a hazard for workers.

In the fall months, one thing that is important for your team to keep in mind is the changing temperature. It’s likely to be cooler in the mornings and evenings, dropping into colder, almost freezing, temperatures. Wearing the right gear now will help protect you against unexpected frostbite, cold fatigue and errors caused by being too old outside. Additionally, daytime temperatures can still soar, so don’t forget to wear sunscreen and to keep an eye out for signs of heat exhaustion or fatigue.

To help promote safety in the workplace, your employer should have a safety program or, at the very least, go over seasonal safety techniques with you each year. This is a time of year where slipping and falling or dealing with falling objects is more likely due to wind and rain, so take your time when setting up your work site, checking the area for hazards and getting prepared to work. Just a few extra seconds of your time each day can help prevent serious injuries from taking place.