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Who Is Liable For Slips And Falls At Your Summer Barbecue?

You spend plenty of money on food, drinks and games for your annual summer get together in the back yard. While you've put so much time into planning the party, spend just as much time safeguarding the premises. You will be entertaining family and friends, but if any of them gets hurt, you can be held responsible for their injuries. Here are ideas to help accident proof your yard and prevent any slips and falls that could lead to legal action.

NYC Man Breaks Legs Falling From 39th Story Of Building

A 22-year-old man fell off of the roof of a New York City high rise last week, but survived with the help of a parked Dodge. New York City Police say that Thomas Magill suffered serious injuries, especially to his legs, but surprisingly survived his fall on West 63rd St. in NYC by falling through the back windshield of a car parked on the side of the road.

NY Construction Accident Attorney: Who Is Liable For Injuries On Construction Sites?

Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs a man or woman can do. According to OSHA, in 2011, there were 738 construction deaths. Workers are responsible for their own safety, but employers, owners and contractors have a responsibility to keep their people safe.

Who Is Liable For Worker Injuries In Work Zones?

When the temperature begins to increase, so do the number of road construction work zones which increase potential accidents. It is good for workers' paychecks, but not always for their safety. The US DOT reports that over 87,000 crashes occur in work zones annually, which means workers must take extra caution from drivers on the road. In 2011, 122 workers died in work zones, and 20,000 employees are injured each year in work zones, from conditions other than negligent drivers.

Who Is Liable When A Construction Worker Gets Skin Cancer At Work?

A recent study by researchers at the University of Manchester shows that construction workers are nine times more likely to get skin cancer than people working in other fields. Construction workers often find themselves laboring in concrete areas. That concrete reflects harmful rays, giving them a double-dose that increases the employees' risks of getting cancer.

Who Is Liable For Contact Dermatitis?

Contact dermatitis is an uncomfortable skin condition that leaves exposed body parts inflamed, red, itchy, blistered, hard and cracked. Construction workers commonly acquire this condition after prolonged exposure to an irritating substance. Employers are responsible for protecting their employees from this avoidable situation.

Who Is Liable For Appendicitis Misdiagnosis?

Appendicitis is one of the most common causes of sudden pain in the abdomen. In the United States 250,000 cases a year are reported. The goal of a physician is to make a diagnosis as soon as possible, otherwise chances of complications with an appendectomy, removal of the appendix, increase. Along with it costs associated with being in hospitals go up as well as pain and discomfort. The worst case scenario is infection leading to shock and death. Doctors have an obligation to thoroughly examine patients to avoid misdiagnosing appendicitis or they can face medical malpractice lawsuits.

Who Is Liable For Electrical Accidents On Construction Sites?

In 2011 OSHA listed electrocutions as one of their "fatal four" top causes of deaths on construction sites, killing 67 that year. Electricity is a critical component of a job site, but is it worth risking an injury or your life over? Construction managers are ultimately responsible for proper training and use of equipment, and making sure the environment is safe.

Who Is Liable For Head-On Collisions?

A head-on collision happens when a vehicle crosses over the centerline or median of a road, leading to a crash into an oncoming vehicle. The results are often devastating, especially at high speeds. Most of the time these types of car accidents occur inadvertently, and they can be avoided.

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